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In addition to Import, Export, Off-shore Trade and Finance we represent some of the World’s Leading Manufacturers in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. With an International outlook to businesses, great emphasis is placed on every business by a dedicated team of traders, no matter how big or small the venture may be. We strongly believe in teamwork. Teamwork is the bedrock on which we strive constantly to be the best of the best.

Chemicals / Industrial
Raw Material

A range of Organic & Non-organic Chemicals and Raw Materials are imported or traded to the Local Market. These are imported and traded from several countries such as China, India, Middle East & Europe. This is marketed to the Detergent, Rubber, Paint and Food Industry.

Fabric / Accessories &

The main line of business of this division is importing Basic and Specialty Fabric from Korea & Taiwan and Zippers & Garment Accessories from Taiwan & Hong Kong. These are supplied to garments buying offices in Sri Lanka.

Another feature of this division is the export of Garments manufactured to buyer’s specification and stock lots of Branded & Unbranded garments. All shipments are Quality Controlled by our experienced QC’s.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

We trade in large quantities of Iron & Steel into Sri Lanka in the form of I & H Beams, CR & HR Plates / Coils, MS Wire Rods, GI Pipes.

In Non-Ferrous Metals, we deal in Copper Wire-Rods and Aluminium Re-Draw Rods for the wire industry.


Cedar is the agents in Sri Lanka for Reliance-India for PET Resin.

Cedar also handles Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Low & High density Poly-ethylene, Poly Vinyl Chloride and Expandable Polystyrene manufactured by Leading Companies like Hyundai, LG and others


This division trades in agro-commodities such as Rice, Sugar, Pulses, Milk Powder, Condiments and other produce to and from Sri Lanka. It is also actively involved in the offshore trading of these commodities and canned tuna between Asia, the Middle East & Europe.


We are extensively involved in the export of Natural Rubber in bale & sheet form and also Crepe Rubber Sheets, dyed and supplied to buyer’s specifications. We are also one of the Leading suppliers of Synthetic Rubber to the local Rubber Industry.


Cedar is a traditional Exporter of Spices to various destinations. Spices exported from Sri Lanka are Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cloves, Nutmeg, Maize & Cardamoms.

Sundry / Paper

Cedar International (Pvt) Ltd represents the Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh for its export of Jute goods to Sri Lanka. This division also handles the import of Newsprint, Duplex Board, Kraft Linerboard, Acid Free & Cap Tissue and other packaging material for the paper and Carton Manufacturing Industry.

This division also trades in Cement in Bulk and Bags.


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