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You may be interested in tea for its 5,000 year history, or simply as an elegant beverage. If your interest in tea stems from a business angle we are the people to come to. We deliver Sri Lanka’s best quality tea to the Middle East and Europe. You can order securely from a selection of different top quality teas which will be delivered to you in the form of Tea Bags, Packets, bulk or in Specialty Packaging.

Ceylon Tea ~ A story worth telling

The story of Ceylon tea begins over two hundred years ago, when Sri Lanka, was still a British colony. When the British journeyed across oceans to Ceylon as we were then known Coffee was the dominant crop on the island.

Yet, during the 1860’s the coffee plantations were struck by disease. As the coffee crop died, planters switched to the production and cultivation of tea. And that’s where the story of tea began. The 1st few experimental

plants of tea arrived from Assam and Calcutta through the East India Company and commercial cultivation of tea commenced in 1867. Reflecting on the bold initiative, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stated that, “…the tea fields of Ceylon are as true a monument to courage as is the lion at Waterloo”.

James Taylor, a Scotsman, played a significant role in the development of Ceylon Tea. A perfectionist by nature, Taylor experimented with tea cultivation and leaf manipulation in order to obtain the best possible flavor from the tea leaves. Taylor’s methods were emulated by other planters and soon, Ceylon Tea was being favorably received by buyers in London, proving that tea could be a profitable plantation crop.

By the 1880s almost all the coffee plantations in Ceylon had been converted to tea. British planters looked to their counterparts at the East India Company and the Assam Company in India for guidance on crop cultivation. Coffee stores were rapidly converted to tea factories to meet the demand for tea. As tea production in Ceylon progressed, new factories were constructed and an element of mechanization was introduced and Ceylon tea gained in popularity throughout the world.

Being one of the key foreign exchange earners in Sri Lanka, Cedar are regular exporters of Ceylon black tea and flavoured tea. Our main markets for export are the Middle East and Europe.

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